You love games. Or you spend entire weekends role-playing goofy adventures with your friends. You run an online blog where you analyze the latest and greatest game releases. You dominate your local card game tournament. Or maybe you just invent card games of your own. As seriously as you do.

Game Design BFA

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To understand the Video Game Design Degree, however, it is first important to draw attention to the general nature of the evolving video game design industry and how these degree programs vary widely in general approach, curriculum, coursework, degree concentrations, and more. Similarly, professions as a video game designer can vary widely with responsibilities involving many skill sets, knowledge bases, and levels of specialization. For instance, professional game designers may specialize in developing 2D game apps for mobile devices or employ expert design skills for AAA game franchises.

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Maybe you’ve already started dabbling in making your own games or modifying existing ones. Earning a Game Art & Design degree won’t be easy. But if you’re.

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A video game design degree prepares students for careers as animators, artists, and game designers. If you’re interested in video game design, online classes might be a good fit. Students gain skills in areas like character animation, 3D animation and design, and programming.

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This course, one of a suite of digital media courses, enables you to study professional digital media practice in a microstudio environment with a focus on the programming skills necessary for the field of games development. Through a student-centred project-based curriculum, you work as a games programmer to develop your specialist skills while working as part of an interdisciplinary team with students from across the full programme.

Through this partnership you will have the opportunity to learn how to develop games for the PlayStation 4 as part of this course. You will design and create computer games, alone and in teams, using industry-standard production management tools and techniques that stimulate a professional environment of collaboration to deliver a product on time. You will also develop vertical-slice prototypes using new technologies, such as computer vision and stereoscopy, and will learn how to present yourself to potential employers through your professional presence and portfolio.

Please note that this is an indicative list of modules and is not intended as a definitive list. Those listed here may also be a mixture of core and optional modules.

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