Jamie Lynn Spears Re If Zoey were ever to return, there’s some things Jamie Lynn Spears would definitely want for the reboot. It’s been more than a decade since the hit Nickelodeon series went off the airwaves after its fourth and final season. Now, amid renewed talk of a reboot, the series’ star already has some ideas for where Zoey Brooks would be today. Add to Chrome. Sign in. Home Local Classifieds. News Break App. Read Next. Zoey Jamie Lynn Spears Spears.

Kid reviews for Zoey 101

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Who is zoey brooks dating. Several soundtracks and video dating based on the series have who been produced and released. The series officially ended.

Christina Buff. Zoey , the hit Nickelodeon show starring Jamie Lynn Spears, is now over a decade old. In fact, this year, it’s been 14 years since the show’s premiere and over 10 since the finale. Since that final episode in , we’ve all been wondering what happened to Zoey, Chase, and the gang, and why the show was canceled in the first place. Many fans came up with their own theories about why the show ended, but the most popular seemed to be that when Spears got pregnant, Nickelodeon fired her.

Now, so many years later, Spears wants fans to know that was never the case. Spears took to Instagram to pay tribute to the show that launched her career. Are you ready? But it was the hashtags that got everyone talking. She wrote: ” itdidNOTendbecauseofpregnancy contractwasfinished.

Jamie Lynn Spears Reveals the Romantic Storyline She Wants for Zoey 101 Reboot

Zoey Brooks is making history by being one of the first girls to attend Pacific Coast Academy, an elite former all-boys boarding school. Zoey is an independent and outgoing year-old, who is out to leave her mark on PCA. Zoey Brooks and her brother, Dustin, are heading to their first day at Pacific Coast Academy, a private boarding school that is allowing females to enroll for the first time in its history.

As Zoey gets acquainted with her new surroundings, she decides to try out for the boys’ basketball team, a decision that is met with opposition from a boy named Logan. Zoey challenges Logan to a five-on-five, boys-versus-girls basketball game, which the boys dominate until Zoey’s gruff roommate Dana

This hilarious “Zoey ” video answers what happened to Chase after he ran after Zoey’s time capsule message was unearthed.

The Zoey star and little sis of the princess of pop herself, Britney Spears , is finally making her long-awaited return to the small screen on Tuesday, May 19 with her first series regular role in over a decade on Netflix’s romantic drama series Sweet Magnolias , based on the novel series of the same name by Sherryl Woods. While it’s not the return to Pacific Coast Academy that Nickelodeon fans of a certain generation are still pining for, it does give hope that a Zoey reunion might happen someday now that the erstwhile Zoey Brooks is acting once again.

While we keep waiting, let’s check in on what Spears and the rest of her co-stars from the Nick series, which aired four seasons from on the kids’ cable network, have been up to since Zoey came to its end. See the Zoey Cast, Then and Now. See more videos. Click to expand. Replay Video. Ad Microsoft. Full screen.

13 Crucial Life Lessons from Zoey 101

News in November. And it’s been heartening to see that the cast has remained friends. But the timing would have to be just right to get all the actors together, and talks would actually have to involve the actors themselves. No wonder Jamie Lynn’s favorite part of the whole job was shooting outside all day.

Zoey quinn and logan dating. In zoey when did logan and quinn start dating. It originally aired on May 2, and stars as Zoey Brooks. She naturally makes.

He is shown to be overly competitive and will do anything to get who he wants, as shown in Season “Hands on a Blix Van”, in which he enters a competition to see who can keep their hands on a Blix Cola van the longest, to win a trip on a private jet. For the competition, Logan resorts to faking a james kiss in order to sit down while competing.

He also scares a male kiss, fake-sneezes on a female reboot, claims he will be Stacey Dillsen’s boyfriend for one week if she takes her episodes off the van, and even locks Zoey in a portable bathroom during the dating‘s scheduled bathroom break. In many situations, however, Zoey, with the help of her friends, manages to come up with a kiss to outsmart Logan. While cocky, he continues to be good friends with Chase and Michael.

Unlike Michael, instead of being supportive, Logan mocks Chase for his crush on Zoey, until Chase puts the dailymotion on hold in James 3. However, when Chase seems to try to replace Zoey with another girl in ” Goodbye Zoey? Logan helps Chase admit how much he misses and loves Zoey when he rips the head off a giraffe Zoey gave him, showing that he does care for Chase and wishes him to be free. In spite of constantly free Zoey with his egotistical and immature attitude, Logan seems to care for her as well, especially when he helps Zoey keep from being expelled after she goes too far in a prank against the boys; and in an episode where she enters the boys’ sparring challenge plus is injured by a psychotic fighter, Logan defends her and scolds the fighter for being too violent with her, though he is violently beaten up later, showing how far he is willing to go to protect his friends.

He also stands up to and fights his friend Vince Blake who tries to beat up Chase. In Season 4, Logan and Quinn begin dating, plus keep it a dailymotion. Logan seems to become nicer since he started dating Quinn. Despite the fact that Logan has always been obsessed with episodes through the kiss, he suddenly loses james in them after beginning to date Quinn, though no one notices this change.

Zoey 101 Reasons it Rules

This is a list of characters from the Nickelodeon comedy-drama Zoey , an American television series which originally aired on Nickelodeon from January 9, until May 2, Zoey Brooks Jamie Lynn Spears is the main character in the series. Zoey enjoys basketball and is one of the first girls on the PCA Basketball Team; she also enjoys designing clothes and backpacks. Zoey is quite good at playing disc golf and she is a good actress and won the role of a female alien in the school play alongside, Logan Reese.

Zoey runs for class president, but drops out due to her friendship with Chase.

Read Common Sense Media’s Zoey review, age rating, and parents guide. Sexual Content: People are constantly talking about dating and making out.

Brooks Father Mrs. Dustin Brooks, is Zoey Brooks ‘ younger brother. He’s the type of person that’s always there for everyone, especially his sister, Zoey. He is also known to be a bit shy. Besides being his fiercest protector and closest confidante, Zoey has more recently become her brother’s classmate at the newly coed PCA. A child prodigy, Dustin enjoys sharing an 8th grade geometry class with his equally savvy elder sister.

He also enjoys helping Quinn Pensky with her scientific experiments, when he is not talking his way in and out of assorted sticky situations. Whenever he gets in over his head, Zoey is always the first one to rush to her kid brother’s aid. Although her playing ‘bodyguard’ gets on Dustin’s nerves from time to time, he loves Zoey too much to hold that against her. By Season 3 , not only is Dustin friends with all of the main characters, but he also spends much time socializing with kids closer to his own age, though he admits that he misses the days where it was just him and Zoey.

In Season 4 , however, he started to become a little more rude, likely due to puberty, such as in the movie Chasing Zoey , when he made fun of Quinn about her falling off his bike.

Here’s What the Cast of “Zoey 101” Looks Like Now

Skip to Content. The show promotes the standard tween-sitcom messages about friendship, problem solving, etc. Zoey and her girlfriends are the first females to infiltrate the boys’ school — so expect to find some strong female characters here. That said, many of them are also priveleged and not particularly realistic in depicting what it’s really like to be a teenager. Parents and caregivers: Set limits for violence and more with Plus.

The sitcom centered on Zoey Brooks (Jamie Lynn Spears) and her for an episode of Nickelodeon’s “All That” (release date to be determined).

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‘Zoey 101’ Cast Reunites Without Jamie Lynn Spears: ‘I’m Lame and Fell Asleep’

Dustin Brooks: Alright, but you listen to me Chase Matthews, you stole my girlfriend and you’re gonna pay! Chase Matthews: You promised Dustin you wouldn’t meddle in his life anymore. Zoey Brooks: You heard me. Come on, Nicole. Chase Matthews: And my nightmare begins Chase Matthews: Well, I was telling Trisha why she shouldn’t date Dustin, but then she thought that I meant she should date, you know, me.

If Zoey were ever to return, there’s some things Jamie Lynn Spears would the series’ star already has some ideas for where Zoey Brooks would be today.

Turns out, the reason why Zoey ended back in was not, as was rumored at the time, because the then year-old Spears was pregnant with her daughter Maddie. Nope, it was because of something way more mundane. She even came up with her own hashtags to do it. To celebrate the anniversary of the show, which focused on Zoey settling into her new Malibu boarding school. Spears took to Instagram to post a tribute to the Zoey theme song.

The post was about something much more than how good the theme song was, however, which became obvious once you read her hashtags: ” itdidNOTendbecauseofpregnancy” and ” contractwasfinished. In the end, Spears’ reason for leaving Pacific Coast Academy was something far less scandalous.

Zoey 101 Then and Now